CABINET LIST - Effective 19th June, 2019

  1. His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika.
    President of Malawi, Minister of Defence Commander-in-chief of the Armed and Police forces.

  2. Right Honourable Everton Herbert Chimulirenji.
    Vice President of the Republic of Malawi, Minister Responsible for Disaster and Relief Management and Public Events.

  3. Hon. Joseph Mwanamvekha M.P
    Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development.

  4. Hon Mark Michael Botomani M.P
    Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology.

  5. Hon. Symon Vuwa Kaunda M.P
    Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

  6. Hon. Benson Malunga Phiri M.P
    Minister of Local Government and Rural Development.

  7. Hon. Jappie Chancy Mtuwa Mhango M.P
    Minister of Health and Population.

  8. Hon. Ibrahim Salim Bagus M.P
    Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

  9. Hon. Kondwani Nankhumwa M.P
    Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development.

  10. Hon. Dr. William Susuwele Banda M.P
    Minister of Education Science and Technology.

  11. Hon. Bright Msaka S.C., M.P
    Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

  12. Hon. Francis Kasaila M.P
    Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

  13. Hon. Martha Lunji Mhone Chanjo M.P
    Minister of Labour, Skills and Innovation.

  14. Hon. Ralph Jooma M.P
    Minister of Transport and Public Works.

  15. Hon. Nicholas Dausi M.P
    Minister of Homeland Security.

  16. Hon. Marry Thom Navicha M.P
    Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare.

  17. Hon. Bintoni Kutsaira M.P
    Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining.

  18. Hon. Francis Phiso M.P
    Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture.

  19. Hon Amos Mailosi M.P
    Deputy Minister of Defence.


  • Honourable Chipiliro Mpinganjira, M.P., Deputy Minister of Defence.
  • Honourable Esther Majaza, M.P. Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development.
  • Honourable Martha Chiuluntha Ngwira, M.P., Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology.
  • Honourable Charles Mchacha, M.P., Deputy Minister of Transport and Public Works.
  • Honourable Grace Kwelepeta, M.P., Deputy Minister of Gender, Children, disability and Social Welfare.
  • Honourable Mungasulwa Mwambande, M.P., Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining.

His Excellency the President has also appointed the following:

  • Honourable Kalekeni Kaphale, as Attorney General.
  • Honourable Goodal Gondwe, Special Advisor on Finance and Development.
  • Honourable Dr. Uladi Mussa, Special Advisor on Parliamentary Affairs.
  • Honourable Grezelder Jeffrey, Special Advisor on women Affairs.
  • Honourable Dr. Chris Daza, Special Advisor on Governance.