Chief Executive Officer for the UK based company Mr. Somnath Saha made the remarks during the Malawi High Commissioner to United Kingdom Mr. Kena Mphonda’s visit to the Liverpool plant.

Typhoo Tea is among the top four major UK tea companies and is partly owned by Global Tea which buys Malawi Tea and is based in Nairobi.

“The quality of the tea is superb. As a company we will strive to pay for its value and we intend to bring in our major customers into Malawi to appreciate for themselves the quality, process and conditions of people that grow this tea,” said Saha.

The company buys 3 million kilogrammes of Malawi tea, which it blends with other tea for major UK retailers such as TESCO, Asda and Morrison’s. In 2015, it produced 120 million tea bags from its plant.

In his remarks, High Commissioner Mphonda argued the company to increase its support to the tea sector and expand the Malawi tea market to benefit the country.

“We will be happy to meet major retailers travelling to Malawi and arrange for meetings with producers of other Malawian products to enable us enter the UK market at a larger scale,” said Mr. Mphonda.

The company also supports fair trade and ethical growing of tea among its growers.