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The scholars who include a deaf student’s specialist teacher Betty Wisiki-Kalitera studying at the University of Bristol, Times Journalists Chipiliro Kansilanga studying Journalism and Media Communications a Cardiff University, Journalist and Media consultant Wisdom Chimgwede pursuing Political Communications at Cardiff University in Wales.

The others who were hosted by High Commissioner Kena Mphonda included Zodiak’s Joab Frank Chakhadza who is at Westminster University for Media Management and Lawyer Dan Mwangwela who is at the same university studying his LLM in corporate finance. Another lawyer Martha Kwengwere is doing an LLM in Human Rights at University of Aberdeen.

Chikondi Lipato is studying an MSc in Fraud and Counter corruption studies while Eliam Kadewere from Ministry of Finance is pursuing Finance and Economics at University of East Anglia.

The High Commissioner Mr. Mphonda said the mission will support all students travelling to the UK and encouraged them to register with the embassy. He said the mission will help to ensure the proposal from the students for a Malawi Students Association UK to be developed and run by students coming to study in the UK to assist newly arrivals and also coordinate their activities.

Students currently in the UK can register at the embassy by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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