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The Malawi Community later threw a party at Commonwealth Secretariat Club.

The UK events started on 25th July, 2016 with a Malawi Pre-Independence barbecue hosted by the Malawi Essex Association which also held its Annual General Meeting that saw its founding Chairperson Grey Msonthi voluntarily retire and pave way for Gertrude Banda to pick up the mantle.

The Malawi Healthcare Support hosted a Malawi Night at Commonwealth Secretariat where former Deputy High Commissioner Mr. John Tembo was guest of honour. The event was spiced by DJ Nice music, fashion show by Dama fashions that saw diplomats and Malawians catwalk during the event.

On 2nd July, Malawians in Birmingham threw a barbecue while in Nottingham there was a DVD launch for Pastor Mjojo.

The events marking 52nd Independence Anniversary were held again on 9th July, 2016 in Glasgow Scotland by the Association of Malawians in Scotland and also Malawi Football Nottingham where the family day event was attended by Mayor of Nottingham and diplomats from the mission.

Malawi Manchester Football Team won the trophy after trashing Nottingham and Coventry.

The Mission acknowledges all the events that were undertaken to foster the spirit of solidarity and oneness among all Malawians and friends of Malawi in the UK.

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