Bishop Thipa spoke during the Malawi 53rd Independence Celebrations Prayers held at Grace City Church in Manchester on 15th July 2017, where for the first-time churches with Malawi origins across the UK organised interdenominational prayers.

“We might be the smallest nation in Africa, but like Israel whatever we start, catches fire and spreads. We were the first to protest and break the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Our Netball team is ruling not only continental but global landscape. We are known for peace and high standards. We are flames for that reason God uses Malawi to start many great things, we should never shy away from responsibility of making Malawi a great nation,” said Bishop Thipa.

He said the founding President Hastings Kamuzu Banda planted a seed of Malawians to feel good and great among themselves including the naming of Malawi Defence Force as the “best and disciplined army”, the agriculture sector as “the best green gold” and every other sector.

“For Malawians in the diaspora, let us work like trail blazers. Let us be known for being good and great and do not complain about your own country without yourself being a solution to the challenges. Generations to come should know we were here to sale and promote Malawi,” preached Thipa.

Chairperson of the Organising Committee and head of Grace City Church Pastor Dereck Chunga praised the coming together of the churches as a symbol of maturity among Malawians in progressing as people from one nation. He announced that the prayers will be annual independence feature that will rotate and Bishop Chiphaliwali of the Living Waters Church is the host for the 2018 independence prayers.

First Secretary (Finance) Peter Chilinda who represented the Malawi High Commissioner to UK said the Mission was grateful for the support the churches in UK have been rendering to Malawi during its time of need.

“This year’s theme is thanking God for year of plenty. We have come from two years of disasters and economic challenges. This year we have our prayers answered. Government saw it befitting that we thank God for such a harvest. I encourage you to continue praying for Malawi and the leadership which is working hard to improve the economic and welfare of all Malawians,” he said.

The clergy took time to pray for Malawi leaders, education, economy, peace and for the people of Malawi and Pastor Edgar Chibaka of All Nations Church who was the convenor said the event had been supported by all churches in UK with Malawi origins.

On 7th July, 2017 the High Commissioner Kena Mphonda also led Malawians in the UK to a special Evensong Prayers at the Westminster Abbey in London. Prominent Malawians such as Professor Thandeka Mkandawire and Dr. Mpalive Msiska attended the prayers which were recited by the Church of England Clergy praying for Malawi nation and progress for all its people.