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  1. Streamlined Investment Procedures: One stop centre through with an average of five day processing for all investment related procedures.
  2. Political Stability and Security: With no history of civil war, Malawi is Africa’s beacon of peace, a stable political climate for doing business.
  3. Liberalised economy, Political will: Market driven rates, exchange rates. Government co-investments in strategic areas to promote private sector growth.
  4. Competitive Labour Market: Large, highly educated, skilled, hard-working, honest and trainable English speaking labour.
  5. Preferential Market Access: Process in Malawi and sale through free trade areas and trade agreements covering Comesa, SADC, EU and USA markets through AGOA.
  6. Untapped wealth: Opportunities include agriculture, energy, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure, services, ICT and Tourism. Malawi has huge economic opportunities for investors.
  7. Investor Friendly Climate: A number of Investor tax incentives, Malawi is becoming a choice destination for many investors targeting Southern Africa region.
  8. Ease of Access: Malawi is located strategically for an investor targeting regional and international markets.
  9. Growing economy: The economy has grown since 2007 despite global economic challenges.
  10. Developing infrastructure: All key sectors of transport, property and ICT are developing.
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