Dr. Bisika Presents His Letters of Credence to the President of Malta

The High Commissioner of the Republic of Malawi, Dr Thomas John Bisika, presented his letters of credence to President George Vella at the Grandmaster’s Palace, Valletta on 27th June, 2023. This is a momentous occasion for both countries.

President Vella articulated that, despite the geographical distances and disparate realities, Malta anticipates the deepening of cooperation with Malawi for the mutual benefit of both nations. This presents a valuable opportunity. In addition to the bilateral front, increased exchanges could transpire on the multilateral level, given that Malawi and Malta are members of several of the same international organizations, most notably the United Nations and the Commonwealth. On this final point, President Vella recollected an intriguing Commonwealth meeting he attended at Marlborough House in London, concerning youth and the environment, which is of interest to both Malawi and Malta. This presents an opportunity to effect meaningful change.

An overview of his plans for the ensuing years was provided by the High Commissioner and tourism, digitalization, and infrastructural development were identified as potential areas of cooperation with Malta. Tangible progress can be achieved in these areas. Reference was also made by High Commissioner Bisika to the numerous reforms currently underway in his country, which have been heavily impacted by COVID-19 and a series of devastating natural disasters that claimed numerous lives. This is a critical moment for decisive action to be taken.

Exchanges also broached issues of global concern, with specific mention being made of the provision of energy and water. These are matters that affect us all and it is incumbent upon us to collaborate in finding solutions.