Malawi Tourism at the 2023 World Travel Market in London

Malawi is a country of natural beauty and cultural diversity, but it is also one of the least visited destinations in Africa. How can Malawi attract more tourists and showcase its potential as a travel destination? One way is by participating in the 2023 World Travel Market (WTM) in London, the world’s most influential travel and tourism event.

The 2023 WTM which kicked off today, brings together the global travel community, with more than 60 conference sessions, eight new tracks, and three stages. Malawi will benefit from this event by networking with industry professionals, learning from experts, and promoting its unique attractions. Malawi will also showcase its achievements in sustainable tourism, wildlife conservation, and community development.

By participating at the 2023 WTM, Malawi will gain exposure, recognition, and credibility in the international travel market, in addition to discovering new opportunities, partnerships, and innovations that can help it grow its tourism sector. The 2023 WTM is a chance for Malawi to share its warm heart with the world and invite more visitors to experience its lake, landscape, wildlife, and culture.